Chapter 2.3 - University Life

Before Nathaniel or Dante join the adult world, they have both decided they should experience university life. First they had to figure out what subject to take and with Dante's love of art and Nathaniel love of music, they both decided to do a degree in the arts.

One of the first guys Dante meets and befriends is this lovely green fellow who is one of the biggest rebels on campus, which is exactly the social group Dante had hoped to get into.

Nathaniel's first experience on campus was sadly an ironic one. He could never have known that he purchased a drink from the very same vending machine that tragically killed his uncle. The vending machine must still be cursed as Nathaniel's drink fizzled all over him until there was no drink left to drink.

Dante and Nathaniel held a keg party at their dorm on the first night and it was a raging success!

Nathaniel also seemingly lost his hair and streaked around the house!

It was very hard for them to get up early the next morning for their first class.

As the university days dragged on they began to enjoy their subject more and more, especially when they were able to get out of the classroom and put their skills into practice.

Even when they did not have class, Dante and Nathaniel also enjoyed indulging in their artistic hobbies in the spare time.

 Along with studying and learning, Dante made it his mission to do whatever he could to be part of the rebels. He dumpster dove, threw chemicals into a fire and befriended the biggest rebels on campus.

Then one day while attending a house party, Dante had a dare to kiss a girl at a party, so he approached one of the higher ranked female rebels at the party Riley Woods.

After a little bit of casual chit chat, the seemed to be getting along really well so Dante went in for a heat of the moment kiss with her not knowing how she would react.

Luckily she accepted his kiss and Dante felt a strong connection with her instantly.

He felt such a strong connection with Riley that night that he decided to invite her over to visit him at the dorm the following day. Unfortunately for him he realised that she had quite a reputation with the guys around campus. She was brash enough to flirt with every guy she came across right in front of Dante.

Dante was heart broken to see this and when she tried to put the moves back on Dante by offering him a bunch of flowers he rejected her and walked away.

However Riley sure does have a way with words and certainly knows how to maintain a hold over Dante as she soon sweet talked herself back into Dante's heart once again.

The day of the final exam, Dante just had to see Riley again before leaving university life behind. They met at a romantic spot by a lake.

However Dante was fooled again into believing she would be his, but it would never be as she could not help her flirting ways as she wooed every man who crossed her path.

Tho disappointed, his love for her did not die as her flattery and kindness made him happy and he thought he would make the most of this fleeting college romance.

They held each other and gazed into each others eyes, wondering if they would ever see each other again after moving on from college life into the real world.

Dante and Nathaniel received their results from their exam and they both passed with flying colours. Their parents will be so delighted!

The thoughts of his last moments with Riley last night kept running through his head. Despite their lovely moment by the lake, he felt he was far too reserved about his feelings and as the hours were running our for his time on campus, he decided to make the most of those last hours by taking Riley out for dinner followed by a very public display of affection in front of the other leering and jealous guys on campus. This is exactly how Dante wanted to remember his last day of University.

How will Dante and Nathaniel use their skills in the real world? Will Dante and Riley cross paths again? Find out in the next episode.